Hello Veganuary!

4th Jan, 2021

At last 2021 has arrived and we know many of you will be embracing a healthier lifestyle this New Year. For some, that means discovering new ways to enjoy the foods we love. Veganuary is a concept that has gained real momentum in recent years, but whether you’re embracing plant-based foods and drinks this January or simply trying to make some small changes in a healthier direction, the humble oat is a great place to start! Learn more about the positive health benefits associated with oats in our Superfood Oats section.

Our new Oat Drinks range is just one of the vegan-friendly products in our range – discover more of our vegan-friendly products here!

We also have plenty of plant-based recipes to try out in your home kitchen during this quieter than usual January – click here for more details.

Happy Healthier January!