Take the #HomeOfficeOats Challenge this Spring!

19th Feb, 2021

We’re inviting you to eat better, feel better and perform better this spring while working from home.  It’s been a challenging year and working from home has difficult to get used to for many of us.  Away from the hustle and bustle of the office, it’s hard to stay motivated and look after your mental and physical health in the same way as we had before.

That’s why we’ve teamed up with Daniel Davey and Nathalie Lennon to help re-invigorate your WFH practices and help keep you going for the weeks and months ahead.  Whether it’s Nutrition, Movement or Motivation you’re struggling with, we’ve got you covered!  So what is the #HomeOfficeOats Challenge?  Well, we’re giving you LOADS of inspiration here on our site and through our social channels, but we want you to just make three simple changes to help you improve the way your feel and think about WFH in 2021.  We think it’ll make a BIG difference to keeping you motivated, healthy and happy.