Take the Flahavan’s Porridge Pledge this Winter

1st Oct, 2021

It’s National Porridge Week!

And we’re delighted to be running our Take the Porridge Pledge campaign again in 2021, encouraging families all across the country to get into good morning routines and eat healthier this winter.  Not skipping breakfast is a great place to start, because it’s so important to provide your body with good nutrition after fasting through the night.   By starting your day with a bowl of  Flahavan’s creamy porridge, you’re providing your body with healthy nutrients and fibre as well as filling yourself up with slow-release oaty energy until lunchtime.  What more could you ask for?

We’ve teamed up with fitness fanatic Karl Henry and nutritionist Aveen Bannon all this week to demonstrate the benefits of eating oats and to provide you with plenty of recipe inspiration to kick start your new breakfast routine.