Winter Warming Recipes Series with Boyne Valley

4th Nov, 2020

So, we’re pretty sure we don’t need to tell you what a winning combination oats and honey is – the best of nature coming together to create mouth-watering taste sensations to warm you up and lift your spirits during the Winter months.

What you might not know, is how many wonderful ways oats and honey can combine and what a variety of delicious breakfasts and snacks you can create from these two simple ingredients. Well, that’s why we have teamed up with Ireland’s favourite honey, Boyne Valley  to create a new “honey and oats inspired” recipe series this November.

We’re excited to introduce these simple, wholesome recipes for you to try, each made with Ireland’s best-loved honey and oats.

In celebration of this exciting new collaboration, we’re also running a fab competition for three 3 gorgeous hampers packed full of honey and oat goodies, along with a stunning Diem pottery bowl and some handcrafted beeswax candles.  Find out how you can enter.