Apple, Cinnamon & Maple Syrup Porridge

Comforting and delicious - this is a truly moreish recipe for morning porridge!

Serves 1|Takes 5 minutes


1 x Flahavan’s Quick Oats Pot

Whole Milk (as per instructions on pack)

1 Large Red Apple

Cinnamon Powder

Maple Syrup

5-10g Pecan Nuts


Prepare the porridge as per the instructions on the Flahavan’s Quick Oats pot


Cut the apple into thin slices and then into matchsticks.

Prepare your porridge, and add the apple as topping long with a sprinkling of cinnamon and a drizzle of maple syrup.

Chop pecan nuts into thin pieces and sprinkle on top.

Recipe Categories:

Breakfast   Oatspiration   Vegetarian   Dairy Free  
Flahavan's Oats Illustration