Yoga Classes – #BalancedBreakfast

19th May, 2020
Yoga Image - Flow with Flahavan's

We’re delighted to add these wonderfully inspiring yoga classes to our website to help you calm your mind and awaken your body during these difficult days.

We teamed up with the excellent Yoga Mara over the past six weeks to bring you a series of weekly yoga classes, which we hoped would provide comfort as our routines changes quite dramatically.  Now we are pleased to share two wonderful classes, which we hope will continue to provide you with inspiration as we face new changes and challenges ahead – the first focuses on showing your body and mind compassion; while the second is all about energising and strengthening the power within your body.


Being kind to your body means nourishing it with healthy foods (including oats of course!) and keeping it strong through regular exercise – so take some #TimeOat and empower yourself to face the challenges of the day ahead.


Feeling strong enables us to face every challenge with confidence.  Feel energised and excited about the day ahead with this wonderful Power Yoga class.  Enjoy!