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We’re proud to say that sustainability has always been a major part of our family business. Since the 1780s when the original water-wheel drove the Mill, we’ve been committed to working in harmony with the environment in everything we do.

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As our business continued to grow, we decided to put a greater emphasis on the generation of our own renewable energy.

To this end, we installed a 500 kW wind turbine in 2015. This clean energy source provides us with about half of our total electricity requirements every year.

Flahavan's Sustainability, Wind Turbine
Did you know…

At Flahavan’s we generate over 70% of our own energy!


The River Mahon was used as a means to power the Mill since it was first founded. Originally a water wheel was put in place, whereas now we use a water turbine to produce green electricity that we use here every day.


Fire & Sun

Flahavan's Sustainability Journey

The milling process has a substantial requirement for heat and steam – we’re committed to delivering this in an environmentally friendly way.

We use the oat husk, a by-product and outer shell of the oat to power the boiler, which in turn generates the steam for cooking. All the steam requirements and all of the heat used in the Mill comes from this boiler, which is solely fed with oat husks.

In the summertime when the wind turbine is slower and generates less power, we use solar panels to generate additional electricity.

We’re very proud to say that 70% of our company’s total energy requirements are self-generated on site through our wind turbine, water turbine and solar panels, and 100% of our electricity supply comes from renewable resources. Nature has always been good to us, so in return, we make every effort to look after it too.


Locally Grown, Locally Produced.

We’re all aware that the ‘air miles’ used in shipping foods and ingredients all have a negative impact on our environment. That’s why at Flahavan’s we’re proud to source our conventional oats from farms within a 60-mile radius of our Mill.

This really is oat country and year after year, the cycle continues of growth, harvesting and milling. It’s a timeless way of working and like porridge oats itself, is one that’s healthy, natural and wholesome.


Our Pledge

Flahavan's Sustainability Journey

We recognise our journey hasn’t ended.

Our closeness to the land means we’re passionate about making the most of nature’s resources and giving back as much as we take.

We’ve turned our focus now to sustainable packaging and we have just undertaken a major initiative to bring our packaging into line with our sustainability commitments.

We’re committed to beginning our journey in using the most environmentally-friendly packaging to minimising our impact on the earth to protect the quality of our foods.

Watch this space…
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