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Top Tips from Personal Trainer Karl Henry to get you...

1. Start the day with a good breakfast like porridge. When you’re running you are using energy from the muscles. To get the most out of your run you need to ensure that you have those energy stores topped up with the right type of fuel. Flahavan’s porridge oats are the perfect way to do this. Oats are high in complex carbohydrates and soluble fibre, which means they release energy slowly.
2. Ahead of a race day you need to ensure that you have your body as ready as possible to get the best time in the race. Coming up to the race start increasing your carbohydrate intake, especially at breakfast time. It is the one meal of the day you can't skip and this is especially true for all you runners out there. Ideally eat a bowl of  Flahavan’s porridge with skimmed milk or water at least 3 hours before the run itself so you can give your body enough time to digest the foods and be in perfect shape to race.
3. If you are running, walking or even supporting a race, you want to be in the best shape possible for the event. Oats are a source of wholegrain goodness and keep you feeling fuller for longer, which helps control your weight. Oats are naturally low in salt, sugar and saturated fat and the perfect breakfast meal to ensure that you feel energetic, positive and ready for whatever the race will bring. Try a bowl of Flahavan’s porridge oats with some honey, fresh fruit or seeds each morning and watch the difference it makes to your experience!
 4. After a run your body will need to refuel as fast as possible. You have two windows to do this, the first is within 20 minutes of the run itself where some fruit will be the perfect recovery food, then within the next hour you should be eating a food with slower release of energy to help get the body back on track. Flahavan's porridge oats are extremely versatile and can be used not just for breakfast but as an ingredient for a wide variety of baked products and savoury dishes.