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Fact Or Fiction : Establishing the Facts about Sports...

Establishing the facts about Sport Nutrition”, it aims to dispel some of the myths surrounding sports nutrition. One good statistic from the survey was that 91 per cent of the athletes surveyed eat breakfast daily. Three quarters agreed that breakfast should not be skipped when training first thing in the morning. Porridge is a firm favourite among athletes, with 62 per cent eating it regularly. Porridge is a low to medium GI food and is a good source of slow releasing carbohydrate that provides energy to the muscles throughout the morning.

The full publication also includes practical tips, sample meal plans and a number of recipes for breakfast, lunch/dinner, snacks and dessert. Here are some of the main findings:

FICTION – protein supplements are required to build muscle
FACT – without doubt, carbohydrate is the primary fuel for sports.
FICTION – carbohydrate foods contain more calories than protein
FICTION – a diet with little or no fat is good for an athlete
FACT – 5 a day is as important for athletes as it is for the rest of the population
FICTION – Spinach is a better source of iron than beef
FACT – Athletes require 3 servings of calcium rich daily foods per day
FICTION – water is always the best fluid to drink after an hour or more of moderate or strenuous exercise
FACT – drinking alcohol after exercise can affect muscle recovery
FACT – eating breakfast before morning exercise is important